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Villa Painting

About once a week I get a call from someone looking to get a quick phone quote on a Villa paint job. They simply give me a number of rooms in their villa or the square footage and ask for a price. These customers typically call a bunch of painters to see if they can get the best deal out there. I cannot finally blame them – because paint job can be a big ticket item.

It is said that, in the age of the internet, shopping has become a lot faster. Just think out what you want, E.g say “Sony XYZ,” and simply google for prices from various vendors. Than buy it from whoever offer lowest price. Shopping for services such as painting villa, however, does not work in quite the same way as shopping for flat screen TVs.  The reality is that one three-bedroom villa does not equal another three-bedroom villa. There are a lot of variables here. IF we name few: quantity and sizes of rooms in villa; types of windows and doors; number and intensity of paint colors; amount of protection needed for plants, furniture, etc.; quality of paint used; and at last the extent of needed paint surface preparation.

Any one set of the above said villa size as compared to a different set of villa size can mean a difference of tens and, in some cases, hundreds of hours of work needed.

Getting the best deal with getting the best value for the price. It is very easy to compare the price, but important is to getting the best deal on a paint job lies in being able to evaluate and compare the value offered for it.

In comparing painting proposals from painters, you must be able to compare the quality and quantity.

How to Evaluate Villa Paint Proposals

A common mistake that we see villa owners make, in shopping for a villa paint job, is to just invite a bunch of painters over, show them to the project and, while not abundant preamble, raise them for a painting quote.

May be those Villa owners simply did not want to show contractors with excessive descriptions or maybe they thought that professionals will know best. What will may be happen with these submitted proposals is that the price, job specifications, and even the scope of work will be all over the place. This makes such proposals nearly impossible to compare.



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